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The Most Advanced Lightsabers In The Galaxy

🤺 Designed for Dueling:
Our sabers are specifically crafted for intense dueling, ensuring that you're always ready for epic battles.

🌈 12 Colors, 1 Button:
Effortlessly switch between 12 colors with a simple button press.

🔊 Dynamic Sound Fonts:
Choose between 16 distinct sound fonts, each featuring unique ignition variations, as well as reactive smooth swing motion FX.

⚔️ Blaster Deflection & Clash FX:
Feel the intensity with realistic blaster deflection sounds and flash-on-clash effects, bringing your battles to life.

🎵 Iconic Background Music:
Feel the force with the option to play legendary Star Wars tracks right from your saber’s built in speaker.

Prices Low As $88


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